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January 2018


Water well Senegal

Half of the Senegalese population (6.5 million people) live below the poverty line. Children receive an average of only eight years of education; 38 percent of men and 61 percent of women can not read and write. Many children die from diseases that can be prevented and treated, such as …

Baba's Dream

Baba’s Dream..

As chairman of InterHelp Foundation I am proud  to present this wonderful biography with the title ‘Baba’s Dream’. The story of my friend Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan, following his fathers dream to make healthcare available in the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan. As a Pashtun he grew up among a people …

Ashraf Medical Complex

Beautiful project Pakistan

The years of struggle against terrorism in the inaccessible area between Pakistan and Afghanistan has led to more than one million people on the run. Houses, schools, businesses and hospitals have been razed to the ground in the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Against the tide, Mohammad Ashraf Khan …