Interhelp Pakistan

InterHelp Pakistan

InterHelp Pakistan

Inter Help Foundation Pakistan is a small but active foundation which is settled in Pakistan, Islamabad. The purpose of Inter Help Pakistan is to help the very poorest regardless race, skin colour or religion. In the daily practice there is almost full time assistance to distribute goods that come from western countries.

After the war in Afghanistan we also focus on distribution of relief transports to that country. Large amounts of food, tents and medicine will find its way to the victims of many years of suppression, civil war and violence.

Alongside these activities, Inter Help Pakistan also has an educational and breeding program for tracker dogs and rescue dogs. The recent earthquakes has give this projects a high priority. Our dream is to develop a professional search and rescue team in Pakistan.

In Afghanistan is lying an enormous amount of landmines, with the result that children are killed or maimed daily. Some of the tracker dogs are specially trained to find the landmines, which then can be dismantled by their attendants.

The distribution of the well known ‘Action Shoebox’ is logistically speaking run by Inter Help Pakistan.

The foundation builds permanent low budget schools in the ghettos of the city and in the country. Education is a priority to develop the society. Many of these projects are initiated by Inter Help The Netherlands and cost no more then € 16.000.