Interhelp The Netherlands

Foundation Inter Help The Netherlands is settled in Woerden. Inter Help The Netherlands, together with Inter Help Pakistan, wants to build a bridge between two very different cultures and religions.

An important drive is to stimulate the awakening of consciousness in The Netherlands and Pakistan that people from different race, culture and religion can be able to achieve large developments by respecting each other and being complementary to each other. Co-operation, respect, equal rights and genuine neighbourly love are essential conceptions in this case.

As its equal in Pakistan, it is a small but active foundation which dedicates itself out of neighbourly love and charity to the very poorest on our earth, regardless of race, skin colour or religion.

The activities mainly aim at development and education. The philosophy behind these main activities is that education will form the basis of ethics and values and will give a chance for further self-expression to people, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to flee from poverty and the beggar’s staff. The effect of education also has a strong positive impact on the total social climate of children and adults.

Additional activities of the foundation are projects that aim on attainableness of medical care for everyone, assistance of aid-transports (to Afghanistan), emergency help, the training of tracker dogs etc.

Inter Help has build an extensive network of reliable partner organizations, especially in Pakistan. All projects will be realized in close, mutual connection and co-operation.