Baba’s Dream..

Baba's DreamAs chairman of InterHelp Foundation I am proud  to present this wonderful biography with the title ‘Baba’s Dream’. The story of my friend Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan, following his fathers dream to make healthcare available in the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan. As a Pashtun he grew up among a people ruled by ancient tribal laws. He got the chance to study.

He built stone by stone, a huge hospital on the border of his native region. A region and nation that is ravaged by a conflict which no one had chosen. A conflict that made the area a war zone and destroys a four thousand year culture. An area where drones attacks and kidnappings make life a daily hell.

The aim of the book

  1. This book tells the story of his beautiful culture, his beautiful society, our beautiful area and unique ancient traditions. The story of a safe and secure nation without borders that survived for four thousand years without police or laws.
  2. This book is also a wakeup call for the world to create a way for every Pashtun to find a safe heaven and way back to our land and culture.
  3. This book will encourage the reader in a subtle way to be part of the roadmap to a safe and secure Pashtun Nation with respect of the four thousand year old traditions and basic facilities like education and health care for every Pashtun.

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