with money

As you have been able to read, the projects aims at relatively small but very effective. The average costs in for example a school project are 16.000 euro, sometimes even less. The financial support of the projects will be as direct as possible. The money of the donors will often be labeled to a project that appeals to them. Where it is not absolutely necessary, intermediates in the financial flow are being omitted. With every sponsor separate agreements will be made, to keep the financial flow as short as possible.

Dependent on the nature and extension of the financial support, we prefer to bring into contact the donor and the receiver. We stimulate and mediate direct contact between the parties. Several times we have accompanied donors on the spot to the project at which they had contributed. For all of them it was an unforgettable experience that has often made a deep impression.

The philosophy behind our way of assisting is that every euro that is available will actually and fully end at that particular project. The direct contact also generates a special link that can build bridges between different cultures, religions and races. Of course we assist and mediate wherever necessary or wanted. Inter Help has an extended network of partners and feels strongly responsible for the implementation of all the projects in which it mediates.It prevents unnecessary overhead costs and in practice it has proved that the projects can be much cheaper and efficiently supported in this way.

Do you want to donate for one of the projects?

  • Bank 3088.20.347 Rabobank Gouda, the Netherlands
  • You also can donate online via the non-governmental organisation Geef Gratis.