Girlsschool Chak 239

Project description
Chak 239 represents Dhalowali village, Tehsil Bhawana in district Jhang. This project is an example of focus on the position and development of girls and women. In the same village we build a boys school. The deal with dthe local community was that we would also build a girlsschool.

At the time of the application, there were about 60 girls in this ‘school’. The school actually consisted of one room in which the girls at that time, no lesson could get. This because the school was about to collapse. There were no usable toilets and the existing walls of the building were for the most part fallen.

This initiative is the realization of an elementary school supported in one of the poorest and least developed regions of Pakistan. Meanwhile nearly 290 girls aged 6 to 14 years recieve daily teaching in the new building.


Getting to school
In 2006 Interhelp was asked to help this school. To see if it was possible to do something about the bizarre bad situation about 60 girls who were taught at that moment. The school had almost no walls and the girls sat under a tree at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The only classroom left standing was in very poor condition. The roof was so bad that it was collapsing, and so the building was no longer safe to teach it. Because the budget was made available by donors we were able to built a beautiful school in 2010. The old classroom has been renovated and the roof has been completely redone. An extra classroom was built and the roofs were placed on the same height. There are two toilets at the rear built with water and all its amenities. For the water supply is a well drilled and pipes have been laid for a hand pump and an electric motor. The entire courtyard of the school is equipped with brick, so it is not giving any problem during the rainy season. The courtyard was also increased more than a meter to regulate the discharge of water better.

In record time, the number of students has grown from 60 to 289. That’s a good sign. We have the government received two new teachers for the school. In the whole area you have no school that has been built as well. The parents of the girls are very positive about the school. They have thanked us a thousand times … Almost every year Interhelp visit this school as well as all the other schools we build all over Pakistan.

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