Water well Senegal

Half of the Senegalese population (6.5 million people) live below the poverty line. Children receive an average of only eight years of education; 38 percent of men and 61 percent of women can not read and write. Many children die from diseases that can be prevented and treated, such as malaria and pneumonia. Better healthcare and more information are urgently needed. But things like clean water and enough food are the biggest need.

In Senegal, collecting water is a difficult task. You get water from a water source because the people themselves do not have water in their house. This is because it is very hot and dry in Senegal and therefore there is not much water. It is hard work that is often done by young girls. The big bowl is completely full and it is a long walk back to her house. And it is also another 40 degrees. With the help of Contractor C. van der Grift, this project focuses on clean water close to home. As builders with heart and soul, Contractor C. van der Grift helped with the construction of a water supply in a village or a few hours drive from the capital Dakar.

Senegal.Interhelp.A Senegal.Interhelp.B

De oude put met vies en ongezond water en de nieuwe voorziening met schoon water

Senegal.Interhelp Senegal.Interhelp.D

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