Wilhelminaschool Woerden raises money for Pakistan

Last year all classes of the Wilhelmina school in Woerden, the Netherlands did a great job to raise money for school children in Pakistan. The children in Pakistan were sitting on the floor and had almost no books, notebooks, pens and pencils.
With the money collected by the children of the Wilhelminaschool in Woerden we were able to buy all kind of things.  Not only books and notebooks even more like benches and tables for a couple of classes to which the children are taught now.
Below you can see a few pictures. These are pictures of the moment the children celebrating they got their stuff including books, notebooks, etc. Furthermore, you see the children, school desks and books and notebooks that they use. There are also a few pictures from the time we were visiting the school in Worden tol tell something about of Pakistan and how people and children living there.
Compliment for your action and commitment and thank you on behalf of all children in this Pakistani school!